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The Application Process

To apply for a board or commission appointment, please complete the Application for Mayoral Appointment to a Board or Commission packet

Please call at (202) 727-1372 to verify the correct name of the board or commission you are interested in serving on.

You may apply for more than one board or commission appointment, but OBC recommends that you prioritize your choices. Additionally, in some cases an individual may only serve on one board at any given time.

Forward the application packet, along with an updated resume or biography to:

Director, Office of Boards and Commissions
Executive Office of the Mayor
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 302
Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 727-1372
Fax: (202) 727-2359

Application Requirements

Your application should provide some justification for your belief that you are qualified for service on that particular board. After the appointment process for each board is completed, the resumes are maintained in a database file.


Referrals and recommendations are not necessary. If there are people who would like to express their support for your consideration, you may request that they prepare and forward letters of endorsement to the Office of Boards and Commissions (OBC), Executive Office of the Mayor.

After Your Application Has Been Submitted

Your application and your qualifications will be considered for the board or commission that you expressed an interest in on the application form. When it is time for the Mayor to make an appointment to the board, the OBC staff will provide the Mayor with candidates for recommendation based on qualifications and experience; geographic, ethnic, race, and gender composition; and the statutory limitations of the current board. We also provide information on an individual’s professional or personal experience that is related to the board's function. For some board and commission appointments, a background security check may be conducted.