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Gray Administration Announces Preliminary Plan to Trim Number of Boards and Commissions

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gray Administration Announces Preliminary Plan to Trim Number of Boards and Commissions

Plan would eliminate some panels that have outlived their usefulness; open for comment

The Office of Boards and Commissions (OBC) today announced that it would begin accepting public comment on a preliminary plan to abolish certain boards and commissions.

As part of his efforts to streamline government and ensure we have the proper balance between securing citizen input and governmental efficiency, the Mayor charged OBC with reviewing the more than 200 District boards, commissions, committees and task forces created either by law or Mayor’s Order over the last several years. The Mayor has asked OBC staff to make recommendations to him on whether any boards may be abolished. During its review, the office examined the original intent behind creating the board, whether the board has completed its work, and whether the board is inactive or was never formed.

As a result of its review and with input from the District agencies that provide administrative support to these 200-plus panels, OBC has preliminarily concluded that certain boards should be abolished, either through amendment of the DC Official Code or by a Mayor’s Order, depending on how the body was created.

Prior to making its final recommendations to the Mayor, OBC will receive public comments on boards that are preliminarily being considered for elimination. OBC also welcomes input on another group of boards that has been identified for possible merger, consolidation, or reconfiguration to a more efficient structure for their operations. These panels are listed at the OBC website: www.obc.dc.gov and can be found in the DC Register.

To submit your comments online regarding this proposed action, please visit OBC’s website, where you will find a link for comments. Written comments may be submitted until 5 pm on Friday, October 19, 2012.

For written comments submitted via the US Mail, please send them to: Davida Crockett, Office of Boards and Commissions, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Room 302, Washington, DC 20004.